Enabling students to persevere, thrive and lead productive lives.

who we are

Resiliency for Life is a voluntary academic intervention and dropout prevention program at Framingham High School that develops skills and confidence in students experiencing social difficulties who are at risk of academic failure. By providing individualized educational and personal support systems within a caring community, Resiliency for Life enables students to persevere, thrive and lead productive lives.

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Resiliency for Life senior Sabetha Lafontant was featured on Channel 5’s A+ segment on 5/7/14. Click the link to watch! She is a testament to how much our program and its supports can do to give students the boost they need in order to thrive and become, as Sabetha puts it in the segment, “the person [they] want to be.”

RFL is incredibly grateful for two Boston Marathon Runners from Framingham who are fundraising for our program. Please help us fund our successful program components by simply going to the First Giving Website and making a contribution.

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